100 Rs Stamp Paper For Loan Agreement

Hello Sreekanth, I am ashish, I gave my uncle the sum of 7lakhs 50 thousand to 1.5% interest per month. We wrote a four-year deal. he didn`t even give me the amount of interest (he used to give some money for my expenses if desired) I asked him to be accurate in terms of money. I asked him to write everything down transparently and on paper. As the date of the agreement approached, I asked him to look at our account to avoid any misunderstanding about the money. He denies checking the accounts and asks me to execute another agreement because he is not able to pay the amount. In fact, he doesn`t give me a specific date when he`ll pay me back. Propose a solution to this problem. (My concern is that if my uncle suddenly retires, the family members will not safely reimburse me).) That`s my concern and asked my uncle to make them family members to sign on the agreement (or surity), he also denies that. In fact, our agreement will be concluded on the 14th of this month. Please give a solution to my problem, I am concerned, because I only have this money for my savings. Dear Sir, Can I take a 1 rupee in turnover on i Lake Rupees PN I took credit against the property of Rs 62.8 lakhs by the collateral of my apartment to help my friend and his wife start their business. All of them were paid by three cheques.

He promised to return the money in six months, and until the full amount was repaid, he promised the bank EMS by depositing cheques into the bank account. After depositing four cheques, he stopped him for the last four months. He was not signed a celebrity note or a loan contract because I thought the family would keep his verbal promise. As a retired officer in the armed forces who receives a limited pension, I cannot repay the bank`s EMS. I even sold jewelry to my spouse to pay for EMIs over the past four months to avoid becoming a credit default. Please indicate how I can recover the amount shown. I know I dug my grave, and now I don`t want to be buried in it. In case of non-payment of EMIs, the bank can sell my home to recover its credit. A friend of mine wants to invest in my next start-up in India, but me and he are living abroad right now, he wants the money for equity, he also wants to invest in contract paper before I register the business.

It`s possible? A solution? So I have to make this agreement on a stamp paper or can it be executed on a simple sheet with a turnover stamp of 1 rupee. My father signed on 100 rupees Stamp (Bond) paper, howvere now the lender filled with details , saying that my father should pay 4 Lakhs. We plan to pay back in cash. There is no concrete evidence that we are paying Ruppess 10 interest. Howvere, when we went for billing, we went relized that he calculated 10 rupees in interest rate and he abused the empty loan paper that my father signed when stamp duty is paid by the lender, it makes a difference Love Jay, greed can be the cause of the route of potentially financial errors. If you trust that person and the purpose of the loan is real, you can commit to it. It is advisable to take and keep the post-dated cheques with you for the monthly payment as well as the main payment. Yes, the loan paper may be valid, but are you prepared to fight a dispute in case of a problem? Dear Sreekanth, On 2014, a buyer came to buy my property for 15 defects. I`m ready to give. We spent six months agreed through I took 2 flaws from it.

After six months, he does not want to buy my property and send me legal information to return his money with interest. Please let me know. What`s to be done? And how can I get out of this business without paying anything. First of all, thank you for this information page.

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