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Hi everyone. Another great year for property investors in the key growth areas is behind us and now looking forward, the pieces of the puzzle all seem to be falling into place for more success.

For years I have been teaching investors that the “No 1 Key” to success with Property investment is to invest in areas with Strong Population Growth. So, when the latest headlines read like this; “Record NZ migration keeps heat on housing” Fairfax Feb 26th, then my interest spikes, perhaps so should yours.

We have what is really a perfect storm for property investors in the Key Growth areas forming in 2015. Annual migration is anticipated to hit a peak of 60,000 by the middle of the year and with those leaving for overseas now down to a trickle and with construction numbers still well down on where they need to be, Economists are predicting a very strong year for residential property in some areas.

Strong migration is not the only reason we will see some solid price growth in the coming years.  The catalyst to the flames this year will be very affordable finance in an increasingly competitive mortgage market.

My suggestion, if you have not already, then now is a great time to talk with one of our associate Mortgage advisors in regards to very affordable Fixed Interest Rates, now in the low to mid 5% region from many lenders.

It is also a very healthy market to be updating your portfolio. As a licensed real estate agent with Mike Pero and with a database of over 1000 investors here at property experts,  I can help you sell properties you feel are now at their peak high growth wise, or you may just want to cash in some profits from the last few years of investment.  I can of course also help you buy into areas that are the next hot spots of growth. As always, just get in touch and have a chat.

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