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Matt Power: Managing Director

Matt Power has been helping investors make wise decisions since 2002.

Matt works with, co-ordinates and supports a quality network of property industry experts.

My passion is helping people get things right when it comes to property. I am happy to pass on quality information and industry referrals to those who want to be operating at an expert level. I am also a proven expert at choosing the best areas to invest in and when. Most of our clients have enjoyed over 10%pa capital gains over the last three years with their investments. It simply makes sense to deal with experts who are proven and established in the market.

The reason people get into trouble investing in property generally is because they don’t have experts in their team. Our business is simple. We can refer you to proven and reliable professionals who work at an expert level. Whether it be builders, accountants, lawyers, brokers, investment coaches or any other related parties. Make sure you have experts in your team.

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Whether you are building, investing, or simply purchasing, we can help.

The fact is that 99% of the people who get in touch with me, I am able to help in one way or another, and usually significantly. It is very important to get expert advice and through our free resources you can have access to the expert information you need for success.

Matt Power. Managing Director



With Property Experts you can get quality Information for free as well as quality introductions.  Our network of Builders, Brokers, Lawyers, Agents, Accountants  and Property Managers and other referral partners are proven experts in the industry. We can also assist in you purchasing quality investment properties in High Growth areas. When you use our 5 Keys to Property success. Your investment journey is highly likely to be a successful one.

We believe the simple fact….

When you surround yourself with Experts, you get an Expert result!


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