Buying Off Plan – A Great Way to Secure your Future

new home building - Google SearchThe Government is committed to getting 39,000 new homes built in Auckland within three years.

Christchurch is rebuilding after the major earthquakes.   These two regions of New Zealand are where it’s all happening. They are in a property boom with property values increasing up to 16 percent (over double the average) annually.

What this property boom means to you as a home buyer or property investor is that now is a great opportunity to secure a property off plan. Buying Off Plan – Read More

How do you go about looking at purchasing a property off plan?  It’s a bit of a minefield with so much building activity underway and planned in both Auckland and Christchurch.  Thankfully there are property buying support experts out there like Matt Power of

Matt Power has years of experience buying and investing in property around the country.

These days Matt spends half his time in Christchurch and the other half in the North Island.

 I believe that the biggest opportunity over the next couple of years is in off-plan property. Particularly in Christchurch. With Auckland also being an important market.

Home buyers and investors should talk with an expert first when it comes to buying off plan. Get in touch with us for a copy of our Free E-Book on Buying off plan.  It doesn’t start or end there though. Property Experts can also recommend specialist off plan property finance brokers and companies along with making sure you have a team of qualified and proven specialists around you. For many people looking at getting an off plan property, the process starts with working out what is affordable i.e. What is your purchasing power and how is that made up? (deposit, loans etc). It is essential to get expert advice in this area.

Find out more about Property Finance.

Buying a Home Off Plan can be one of the greatest things that you do for yourself and your family. What you need to know is how to do it in a low stress, expert way that sees you getting the result you want.


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