De Facto Lease Agreement

(k) subletting. A lessee may sublet spectrum rights under the following conditions. Parties entering into a frequency sublease agreement must comply with the Commission`s rules for the approval of frequency lease agreements under this subdivision and are subject to the same guidelines. The application submitted by the parties to a frequency sublease agreement must contain the licensee`s written agreement on the proposed agreement. Once a frequency sublease agreement has been approved by the Board, the sublessee becomes the party who is first responsible for compliance with the Board`s rules and policies. For decades, de facto and same-sex interest groups in Parliament have committed to having their relationships recognized in accordance with the provisions of the Family Law Act. Today, in most states, common-law and same-sex couples have the same access to the law as couples married since 1975. Under the Spectrum Manager agreement, the licensee must retain control of the leased spectrum, both de jure and de facto. There are two factors to consider when choosing the most suitable BFA for your situation.

A long-term de facto transferee may enter into either a sublease from Spectrum Manager or a de facto transfer sublease, provided that the lessee has accepted the agreement. (Note: Frequency tenants with a short-term de facto transfer lease cannot take subleases.) This means that de facto relationships, both heterosexual and homosexual, are now protected by the Family Law Act (Law). Important note: Family Law Law requires each party to receive independent legal advice before signing the contract. This prevents both parties from claiming that they did not understand what they agreed to when the BFA was signed. In particular, the provisions relating to financial matters relating to defacto relations are contained in Part VIIIAB of the Act. Spectrum Manager leasing agreements are one of two lease agreements allowed by FCC rules. The other agreement is called de facto transfer. Under the de facto transfer agreement, the licensee retains de jure control of the licence, while it de facto entrusts the frequency licensee with control of the leased spectrum and associated rights for a defined period. . . .

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