Dva Work Trial Agreement

This is important, because the rehabilitation coordinator of the DVA is responsible for all the results of the working study. The DVA rehabilitation coordinator should check the details of the work study and ensure that medical restrictions are listed so that they can ensure a safe working environment for the client. It also helps to create confidence that the worker remains fit to play his or her role if his or her employment continues beyond the work process. The rehabilitation coordinator must also check the employment agreement to ensure that the employer, client and provider have signed the agreement. If you have a DVA Gold or White (hearing) card and have chosen a fully subsidized hearing aid, you do not have to pay the annual maintenance fee. These fees are fully subsidized by the DVA. To confirm your decision to sign or renew your annual maintenance contract, your hearing service provider requires you to sign an invoice to allow payment by DVA. Work test logs should be sent electronically by the rehabilitation provider every two weeks in the R&C ISH case. Documents uploaded to R&C ISH are stored in the customer`s TRIM filter and reported in R&C ISH as new information. Key stakeholders in the work trial process include the client, the DVA rehabilitation coordinator, the rehabilitation service provider, the client`s attending physician, the host supervisor/employer, and the relevant trade union (if applicable). .

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