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Property Experts | Property Experts | Buy Off Plan, Finance, Property Investment-1Whether you’re a First Home Buyer or a seasoned Property Investor, we believe it is essential to discuss your personal situation with a proven finance expert and we’re not suggesting it’s your bank!

Did you know a Bank’s top priority is to make itself money?

Here are the steps we believe you need to take to get the best possible loan deal for your personal situation. 

Step 1:  Engage a Qualified & Proven Mortgage broker

A  Mortgage Broker working for you achieves more than just securing great rates; here are some of the other benefits you can expect…..

  • Great loan conditions designed to help your bottom line, not the bank’s.

  • Additional benefits and flexibility. In our experience Legal contributions etc. are often three times higher when requested from a good mortgage broker.

  • Giving you ongoing support and reviews to make sure you’re getting the best possible outcome from your funding arrangements.

We say it is “quite simply common sense” but common sense is more often learned than inherent.

Our clients who have used a specialist proven mortgage broker, have saved on average, over $5000 per year, and that’s purely on interest costs.

Contact Matt Power to be connected with a Professional Mortgage Broker in your area.

Step 2: Use a “Specialist Build” Mortgage Financier    

We can direct you to “specialist build” finance providers who will give you a level of security and peace of mind that your Bank can simply not offer.

Most of the people we see getting into trouble when building, have simply not had expert advice around their financing prior to commencement. You can make sure you do, by contacting us at, or give us a call.

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