Section 8 Housing Lease Agreement

In some cases, the Division 8 office pays some or even most of a tenant`s rent, but is not responsible for finding the tenant a unit in which they can live. The tenant must search on his own initiative for private apartments in the city or county in which their voucher has been approved. The tenant to whom the voucher is issued must actually reside in the residential unit. He cannot rent the unit to anyone else, including family members. This would be considered fraud and would lead to the termination of voucher privileges under Section 8. As with any other tenant, you must comply with the terms of the rental agreement as well as local landlord-tenant laws if you rent with a housing voucher to a tenant. You cannot take shortcuts if you are dealing with tenants under Section 8, since the rent is paid by the government. The authorization application form is the first step to authorizing your property for a tenant in section 8. The actual test is the quality control of the case. This inspection will determine if your unit meets the minimum housing standards set by HUD and the local housing agency. Section 8 conducts an inspection once a year, usually when the tenant`s lease needs to be renewed.

Even if the unit has passed the first section 8 inspection, it must pass this annual inspection in order for the tenant to continue to live on the property. If the objects are not non-existent, they must be corrected or the housing authority may declare that the unit is not suitable for the tenant in accordance with section 8. A tenant under Division 8 must comply with the terms of the lease like any other tenant. Otherwise, it can be hunted. These tenants do not benefit from special or additional protection against evacuation procedures for reasons. The amount a tenant receives under Division 8 is highly dependent on both household income and family size. The tenant is responsible for informing the local housing authority in the event of a change in circumstances. It is the tenant`s responsibility to make an appointment to visit all the properties that interest him and to provide the owner and the office of section 8 with the necessary documents to rent the unit.

The Section 8 office is responsible for inspecting the unit to determine if it meets HUD`s housing quality standards after the tenant has chosen one. . . .

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