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Why Investing in Property is like Baking a Cake.

Probably more than you think. Just as a Cake needs the right mix of ingredients to rise, so does the value of your property investment(s)
Matt Power is an expert property finder. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent and over the years Matt has successfully assisted a significant number of property investors to find and invest in high performance property deals. Many of the properties have done so well due to one extremely vital ingredient ‘location’.

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Christchurch Property A Good Investment

The last few months have seen the property market in Christchurch rival Auckland. The rebuild of Christchurch is well underway and it has created lots of opportunity for property investors and home buyers with  Off Plan Investments.   Quotable Value is the NZ site for property statistics and notably it currently has Christchurch leading the way […]

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How To Fund Your Next Property

Whether you’re a First Home Buyer or a seasoned property investor how you fund your next property depends on your own unique circumstance. With property finance there is no ‘one size fits all’. Conditions including the type of property e.g. Buying Off Plan (a new home build) and your personal situation e.g. a first home buyer (FHB) or […]

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