Wedding Cake Agreement

A cake contract formally requires a non-refundable deposit (usually 25-50%) and also explains your cancellation policy. When the client signs your contract, you can relax. The customer has agreed to appreciate your time and effort by committing to fulfill the order. It is not a treaty. This is an information sheet. Contracts have details and consequences when things happen unexpectedly: bad cake delivered, bad icing on the cake, accidents, refunds, etc. Then, calmly assess the cake needs of the potential customer and if you are convinced of your pricing skills, quote them! So you have a potential customer who wants a cake. Great, the next step is to do a quick consultation – phone, email or in person – to discuss appointments and cake needs. Hello Rose! Are you not responsible in your police for what happens after you leave the premises? I just had a bride asking for money because of a twisted cake. I have pictures from before I left. Thank you, I said “ideal” because that`s the only step I sometimes forget.

I`ve had brides who have contacted me and said, “Hey, I forgot to send that last payment, and my wedding is this weekend. when do I pay you?? » WHOOPS! In this case, the answer is: “NOW”. haha! Hello How to address a person who does not buy cakes while serving, especially if he only goes by size and appearance? As a customer myself, when I ask for a particular book or topic, I just want to see how talented the baker is, if I have the money and ask for the price for that particular cake, just give me the price! It is up to me to accept the agreement or not. What do you think? In the excitement of attracting customers, it`s easy to skip steps. But remember, you can if you don`t get customers to sign your cake contract. Longer discussions are likely to take place if you are dealing with larger events such as wedding receptions and religious events. Do you figure in the layers of cake and crevices and calculate just for them? Or do you demand their return? You can say goodbye to these memories by having your customers sign a cake contract! [ ] Additional information about the wedding professional (florist, caterer, photographer) if necessary After that, if the details have not yet been clarified, the next step is to identify the details. Usually, I already have an idea of the size and design of the cake, but before writing a contract, I need to have details.

Following your customer after the event is a great way to get feedback on your cake and ask for recommendations. It`s also an easy way to show your customers that you care about them and would like to do business with them again! As an event professional and as a cake for various events, you can not only rely on verbal agreement with the customer. You must sign a contract based on the wedding cake contract template. At this point, everything is likely to change (event details, cake designs, desired flavors, portions, etc.). To have an accurate log of everything you and your client have discussed, you need to keep your cake contract up to date. Collecting all these details in your cake contract is essential, as you need them to evaluate exactly how much you need to calculate for your cake. In addition, the contact information that you need to use for follow-up with your customer will also be included in your records. Look at how organized you are. Hello Rose, first of all I would like to thank you for all the information that is very useful.

On the other hand, I need advice on how to calculate my friends` cakes and wedding cakes say I`m too cheap, but if I raise my prices, I would probably lose customers, it also bothers me that I sometimes work 8 hours on a cake for little money, when other places ask for much more and have more customers. I work well and very well (what people say) I have a Facebook page, “SWEET caramelo”, if you want to check and give me comments or advice, would be very grateful. Thank you [ ] Shipping and furnishing costs (including how and when cakes are delivered) Cake making is a serious business….

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