Why You Should Invest In Property Now

propertyTiming is everything. An investment deal can go north or south depending on timing. The timing of when you buy and when you sell for example can make or break the deal. Get the timing right and you can make a profit on your investment. Get the timing wrong and you can be out of pocket.

It is in my opinion that the timing is right to invest in property in New Zealand. Migration is up and the economy is performing well. New Zealand’s ‘rockstar economy’ as its referred to on global news sites.

More people are arriving in New Zealand than leaving. In April 2014 there was a net gain of 4,100 long term migrants.

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Arrivals need somewhere to live, therefore there is a correlation between net immigration and house price inflation. Approximately 10% value gains per 1% of population gains. We are tracking towards 2% this year in some areas and this will likely correspond to 10-20% value rises. The RBNZ website is a good source of information and in this article a line graph shows the interrelationship between net immigration and house price inflation. Very interesting especially when you want to ensure you are timing your investment property purchase or sale to perfection.

The first rule of investment is to know the market, either do your own research or engage the services of people like me who live and breathe the property market. Fact of life. If you engage an Expert, you will most likely achieve an Expert result.

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