World Of Warcraft End User License Agreement

cheaters; that is, methods that are not expressly authorized by Blizzard to influence and/or facilitate the game, including exploiting errors in the game, thereby giving you and/or another user an advantage over other players who do not use such methods; Thank you for your interest in Blizzard`s online gaming services and interactive games, as well as interactive games from other developers (“Licensors”) that make their games available through the Blizzard Platform. (The Blizzard and Licensor Games are collectively referred to herein as the “Games”). This Agreement sets fore the terms under which you are permitted to install and use the Platform. Real identification function and identity disclosure. The platform allows you to share your identity with other users of the platform via the “Real ID Friends” feature. If you use the Real ID feature and register for a request as a “Real ID Friends” with another user, that user can see your real name and status online. Some features, such as the Platform Voice Chat app, are only available between users of the platform who have opted for the Real ID feature. IF YOU CHOOSE THE REAL ID FEATURE, THE PEOPLE YOU DESIGNATE AS “REAL ID FRIEND” WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE NAMES OF YOUR OTHER “REAL ID FRIENDS”, AND YOUR NAME AND ONLINE STATUS WILL BE VISIBLE TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DEFINED YOUR “REAL ID FRIENDS” WITH THE SAME FUNCTIONALITY. You can unsubscribe from the Real ID feature at any time by removing all Real ID friends from your account. This Agreement, together with other applicable Blizzard agreements on the Blizzard Legal Documentation page, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements, whether oral or written. Community tournaments. To support local eSports tournament activities, Blizzard offers a licensing program for community tournament organizers as part of its Community Competition License. In light of the recent wave of bans, I am dismantling the EULA for all of you so that we can simply see the important information it generates.

The only information I will refer to is the sections that relate to prohibited crimes and fraud in general. Most of you who have brains may obviously find cheating to be false and unfair. It`s like professional athletes who use steroids, only it`s in the digital world. We can only hope that the waves of bans move as Blizzard strives to make gaming a fun and fair place for all of us. .

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